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Our Events

After the succes of this years event, we’re going again with the return of Clue-Doh! Our clue solving, map reading, running and cycling adventure race over the Surrey Hills.

All profits raised will be donated to our charity of Liver Cancer Research at Kings college Hospital


SATURDAY 1st JUNE 2024 @ 19:30

Can you drink Beer and run at the same time? You’re an Ultrarunner, of course you can and we have just the race for you!

The Beer 21 starts at 1pm outside Mickleham Village Hall where you will you run to the aid station table to have your first beer. Once you’ve drunk that, you then start on your first lap of three miles. Every lap when you’re back at the Aid station, you drink your next beer, all the way through to seven laps & 21 miles.

Beer 21

SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2024 @ 13:00

Navigate your way to "12 Steeples" in Surrey.

This is a self-supported, self-navigation, map reading, compass bearing, gps device holding 130mile-ish (depending on how good your navigation is) race.

The Steeplechase

FRIDAY 16th AUGUST 2024 @ 22:00

With a generous cut-off of nine hours, the Two Towers 50km race is a fully marked single loop course with three well stocked checkpoints and has been designed to not only appeal to the experienced racer who wants to race it hard, but also for the first time ultra runners who want to experience a night race with a headtorch.

The Two Towers

SATURDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2024 @ 20:00

Running the same weekend as our flagship Copthorne Races, this is going to be the ultimate test of endurance over our Copthorne Loop.

With only 72 hours to complete the race, you will need to draw on all of your race experiences to get a finish on this event.

The Copthorne 200

THURSDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2024 @ 16:00

Modelled on the infamous Caesars Camp races, The Copthorne Races take place in Surrey, featuring a wide mix of terrain, woodland and contouring in and around the Box Hill, Mickleham and Headley areas. Indeed, the race name is a play on words as Headley was part of the Copthorne Hundred, an administrative division devised by the Saxons.

The Copthorne Races

SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2024 @ 8:00am

The 1st Annual Headtorchruns Marathon

SATURDAY 28th DECEMBER  2024 @19:30

Now in its eigth year, the 8th 1st Annual Headtorch Marathon takes place on the 28th December from Mickleham Village Hall.

A social Marathon with a difference. This guided event is the ideal way to have a worry free run over the hills chatting to your mates. It's also got the added bonus of working off some of those Christmas calories we all tend to pile on over the festive period.

The Winterfold 55 is a single loop course that takes in some of Surrey's most iconic trails including sections of the North Downs Way and the Greensands Way. The race starts from Mickelham Village Hall and takes in Reigate Hill before looping round and heading out towards Leith Hill and Winterfold Woods, then heading up to the North Downs Way and Box Hill to complete the loop. The route and elevation make this a tough event, but throw in the Winter weather and short daylight hours combine to make this a properly challenging race.

Winterfold 55

SATURDAY 8th FEBRUARY 2025 @ 8:00am

The Surrey Hills Marathon

SATURDAY 22nd MARCH 2025 @ 9:00am

The Surrey Hills Marathon is a beautiful 26.2 mile trail race through the very heart of the Surrey Countryside.

It's Party Time

To celebrate our fifth year of races and to make up for the party we couldn't have at the 5th 1st Annual Headtorchruns Marathon, we're having this party on the 29th June 2024, just after the Beer 21 race in the day.

SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2024 @ 19:00

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