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50km / 50 miles / 100km / 100 miles

Saturday 23rd November 2024 @ 08:00

The Copthorne Races

14.5 hours
50 miles
18 hours
32 hours
100 miles
9 hours

Modelled on the infamous Caesars Camp races, The Copthorne Races take place in Surrey, featuring a wide mix of terrain, woodland and contouring in and around the Box Hill, Mickleham and Headley areas. Indeed, the race name is a play on words as Headley was part of the Copthorne Hundred, an administrative division devised by the Saxons.

The races start at Mickleham Village Hall (Race HQ) with a new improved route of just over ten-mile loops (therefore the 50k consists of 3 loops), providing a cumulative of ascent gained of approximately 2,260 feet per loop. The route will be fully marked on the day with signs & tape.  GPX files available to all entrants below.

As in the 2022 Copthorne Races, we again offer a choice of four distances for the weekend.

50km 6,780ft of ascent with a 9hr cutoff.
50 mile 11,300ft of ascent with a 14.5hr cutoff.
100km 13,560ft of ascent with an 18hr cutoff.
100 mile 22,600 ft of ascent with a 32hr cutoff.

The race, and each subsequent 10.2 mile loop starts at Mickleham Village Hall and heads straight up onto Mickleham Downs. You continue up the “runway” and into the trees at the top. After a short distance a sharp right turn takes you on a gentle decent, which gradually gets steeper and steeper as it turns into the infamous “Kamikaze” hill. Crossing the road at the bottom sees you climbing up towards High Ashurst before a quick decent takes you onto Headley Heath. At the bottom of the decent you encounter the first steps of the loop as you climb again and begin to weaver around the Heath, skirting the main car park. There are several twists and turns around the Heath before you exit via a gate and start a gentle upwards incline past houses on Box Hill. At the top of the road a right turn will take you to Box Hill Village Hall and the halfway Check Point. A loop around the car park (or stop to refill water if needed) and you head back the way you came before turning right and pick up the North Downs Way. A steep decent is followed by a short sharp climb brings you to a lovely gentle runnable decent down to Box Hill Road. Turning almost back on yourself a short climb takes you back to a trail which contours Box Hill below the viewpoint and brings you to the Box Hill steps where you turn left and descend. At the bottom of Box Hill, you bear right and cross the River Mole via the footbridge, before heading to the car park. Turning left there you head down to the river and cross via the stepping stones. You then climb up the Bix Hill steps all the way to the viewpoint, where you turn left, cross the road and head across the Donkey Field. A nice runnable descent brings you to the old tower above Juniper Hall where you do a right turn and take the steps down to Juniper Bottom and then to the car park. Then comes the delight of Satan’s Staircase, a relentless climb back up onto the top of Mickleham Down. Another sharp descent brings you back to Mickleham where you turn right through the graveyard and then at the road, right again and your back at Mickleham Village Hall and the start of another loop. 

The Course

Aid Stations

This is the stat/finish aid station. It is the main aid station which you will return to every loop. This is an indoor aid station and you will have access to your drop bag as well as food and hot drinks.

Aid Station 1

Mickleham Village Hall

This is at the half way point (mile 5) of each loop. It is an indoor aid station and will only have water available.

Aid Station 2

Box Hill Village Hall

Course Records



Female Record Holder



Male Record Holder




Suzy Whatmough



Jono Wood




Rachel Fawcett



Ed Knudsen

50 miles



Helen Martinsen



Lyndon Cooper




Michelle White



Richard Shlovogt

100 miles

Mandatory Kit

​•   Primary and secondary head torches or other light sources with sufficient spare battery packs/batteries.
•   Mobile/smart phone with OS Locate installed. A free download from your app store here.
•   Silver foil/survival blanket or survival bag
•   Waterproof jacket (Taped seams preferable)
•   Hydration bladder or bottles capable of carrying at least 1lt of fluids
•   Most importantly of all, a Canary. No Canary, no run. (A fine is payable towards our charity if you wish to race without one)

It was the idea of our Co_Founder, Mark Thornberry. It’s a bit of fun that makes our races a little different. Your canary can be as simple as a printed picture of Tweety-Pie pinned to your race pack, or a giant inflatable. They all count. If you choose not to and incur a fine - it all goes to the Kings College Hospital Liver Cancer Charity in Mark’s memory.

Why Carry a Canary?

Registration & Kit Check

Deferrals & Refunds

Registration for the runners will be available at Mickleham Village Hall from 7pm until 9pm on the 22nd November & from 6am until 7.30am on the 23rd November. Race Briefing at 7.45am Please bring all mandatory kit when registering.

Please note, ALL MANDATORY KIT is to carried at all times through the race. Failure to do so will result in a DQ. Random kit checks will take place during the race.

Refunds of 50% of the race fee available up to 21st of October 2024, No refund will be available after that date.

All race entries are non transferable & no deferrals are offered unless covered by our female athletes policy here

To register for this you must confirm that you agree to the Race Waiver. 


Runners must reach the end of the designated loop (at the Village Hall) within the following timings to be allowed to continue with the race:

All racers to be through the 50k point or finished by 9hrs.

All 50km racers to be finished in 9hrs.

All 50 mile racers to be finished in 14.5hrs.

All 100km racers to be finished in 18hrs

All 100 mile racers to be through the set cut off times or  through the set cut off times or finished as follows.

•             50 miles 15hrs

•             70 miles 21hrs 15minutes

•             90 miles 28 hrs

•             100 miles 32 hrs

•             The interim cut-offs may be waived at the race directors discretion.

Race Rules


Any protests to a ruling or of a runner to runner violation must be submitted by a registered entrant and must be lodged using the following procedure: 

1. Report the alleged violation to the runner, his/her crew or pacer as the incident occurs. Enlist a fellow witness to the alleged violation if possible. 

2. Report the alleged violation with the runner’s name and number to the next available aid station staff. 

3. Report the alleged violation in writing at the finish line to the race director. All protests must be submitted within seven days following the race. Written protests must include the name of the person who lodged the complaint. 

4. Decision on all violations and rules is at the final discretion of the Race Management ONLY. There will be no challenges after that decision.

Our race routes are used by, but not limited to, horse riders, walkers and mountain bikers. Please be aware of other people whilst you are running and be as polite and courteous as possible to them, making way when necessary, particularly to horses. We do not have priority over any other users out on the course, most will be unaware of the event taking place. All gates must be properly closed after you have gone through.


Refusal to comply with an order from the race directors, race staff, doctors or rescue personnel.

Runners must at all times comply with any instruction given by race management, staff and volunteers.


Being crewed on a no-crew race.

Runners must not be crewed in any way at races listed as no crew permitted. Crewing is deemed as any physical assistance of any kind.


Accompanied by dog/dogs

Runners are not to be accompanied by dogs at any time whilst on course.


Refusal to have mandatory equipment checked

There will be mandatory kit checks at the start, random checks during the race and at the finish. Failure to comply with the kit checks will result in disqualification.

Minimum of 1 hour penalty per missing item

Missing Item of Mandatory Kit

Mandatory kit must be carried by the runner at all times.


Pacers accompanying before the final lap/ not on foot/ more than one pacer

Pacers are only allowed on the final lap of the Copthorne Races. No pacers are permitted on any other of our races. No more than one pacer can accompany a runner at any time. Pacers may accompany runners on foot only. Pacers are not allowed to “mule” for their runner.


Crew/Pacers who are found to be complicit in breaking rules and/or assisting runner in breaking rules.

Runners are responsible for the actions of their crews and pacers. If your crew or pacer are deemed to have broken any of the runner race rules the runner will be held accountable. Your crew act on YOUR behalf and based on YOUR instructions.

DQ and ban at race directors discretion

Not informing organisers of withdrawal from event

Any runner who is unable to finish the race must personally inform the aid station captain of the nearest checkpoint of their decision to withdraw. They must hand in their race number at that time to the CP Captain. This serves as official notice of a runner’s withdrawal from the race. Runners who leave the course without turning in their number or informing a Checkpoint or HQ will be classified as “lost,” which may initiate Search and Rescue, for which the runner will be charged.

DQ and Lifetime Ban.

Littering by competitor or crew

Littering of any kind will result in immediate disqualification. Runners caught littering will be banned from all future events. Please respect the beauty of our trails and leave nothing behind but footprints.

DQ and Lifetime Ban.

Injection of PEDs or Fluids/ IVs by non-official race medical personnel.

Injection of PEDs or Fluids/ IVs by non-official race medical personnel.


Continuing/ leaving aid station after cut off.

Cut-off times will be strictly enforced. There are cut offs at EVERY aid station. Runners leaving any aid station after the cut off will not be listed as official finishers and will not be eligible for awards.

At the RD's Discretion.

Check In at All Aid Stations.

Each runner must attend or pass through all aid stations. You will be disqualified if your time is not registered at every aid station.

DQ and Lifetime Ban.

Receiving powered assistance from a vehicle, bike, horse, or short rope from pacer.

Runners must complete the entire course under their own power.

At the RD's Discretion.

Knowingly taking a short cut. 

Runners must follow the marked trail/ course at all times.

One Hour Penalty.

Bib number not visible on front.

Bib numbers must be worn on the front of the body and be easily visible at all times.

Lifetime Ban at RD discretion.

Unofficial Runners/ Running without a registration or Running under another name.

No unofficial runners.

All rules are at the final discretion of the race director and race management team. 

No challenges will be permitted.

Mandatory kit: Runners must carry the following mandatory equipment at all times. A time penalty of one hour will be imposed for any item found to be missing at any point on course. 


  • Fully Charged Mobile Phone including the numbers for the Race Medic and Race Director (on the number you have given at registration)

  • OS locate installed on your phone.

  • Water Bottles/Bladder capable of carrying a minimum of 1 litre.

  • Survival Blanket: 1.4m x 2m minimum.

  • Waterproof Jacket: Gore-tex or similar & must have taped seams. 

  • Whistle

  • Headtorch or Primary Light Source Minimum 75 lumens 

  • Back Up Light source - Minimum 25 Lumens 

  • Long sleeved base layer or fleece top - This must be carried separately from the start and kept dry, for use only in an emergency. Starting in 2 layers is not a substitute.

  • Our races are cupless so you must bring a cup with you to take a drink from the aid stations/checkpoints. Soft/collapsible cups are permitted. 

  • Canary. 

Recommended but not mandatory: 

  • OS Explorer 146 Active Map - Should be a hard copy that you are able to navigate from and not a map on your phone.

  • Compass - This should be a separate physical compass and not electronic/ on your phone. 


Runner Action


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