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8 hours

26mile Guided Trail Marathon

Saturday 28th December 2024 @ 20:00

The 8th 1st Annual Headtorchruns Marathon

Now in its eighth year, the 1st Annual Headtorch Marathon takes place on the 28th December from Mickleham Village Hall. A social Marathon with a difference. This guided event is the ideal way to work off some of those Christmas calories we all tend to pile on over the festive period.

Every year the Headtorchruns Marathon is a unique course and a closely guarded secret between the guides. The course shown above was the route for the 7th 1st Marathon run in 2023. The event is a guided run rather than a race and the group will be lead by CTE guide runners with more CTE runners throughout the group to make sure everyone is OK. Although the run takes around seven and a half hours, runners should ensure they are able to complete a marathon in five hours or lessThe routes are designed to be challenging, but fun. And of course there are hot drinks and mince pies at the end – well it is still Christmas after all.

The Course

Aid Stations

Usually located around the halfway point, the aid station gives you a chance to replenish your water, eat a mince pie and have a glass or two of Mulled WIne.

Mulled Wine and Mince Pie station

Mandatory Kit

​•   Primary and secondary head torches or other light sources with sufficient spare battery packs/batteries.
•   Silver foil/survival blanket or survival bag
•   Waterproof jacket (Taped seams preferable)
•   Hydration bladder or bottles capable of carrying at least 1lt of fluids
•   Most importantly of all, a Canary. No Canary, no run. (A fine is payable towards our charity if you wish to run without one)

It was the idea of our Co_Founder, Mark Thornberry. It’s a bit of fun that makes our races a little different. Your canary can be as simple as a printed picture of Tweety-Pie pinned to your race pack, or a giant inflatable. They all count. If you choose not to and incur a fine - it all goes to the Kings College Hospital Liver Cancer Charity in Mark’s memory.

Why Carry a Canary?

Registration & Kit Check

Deferrals & Refunds

Registration for the runners will be available at the village hall from 6pm to 7.15pm on the 28th December. Please bring all mandatory kit when registering.

Please note, ALL MANDATORY KIT is to carried at all times through the event. It is in December and while we've been lucky so far, the weather can turn quite tasty.

We offer no refunds or deferrals from this event. It's a charity Marathon & all profits from it go towards Liver Cancer Research at Kings College Hospital.

To register for this you must confirm that you agree to the Race Waiver. 

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